Skyping with authors across the globe at Stillwater Public Library

hereandthere  city(STILLWATER, OKLA. / Dec. 23 , 2014) –– Through the power of the internet, local children will have the opportunity to meet authors across the globe.  “Here and There with…” is a monthly program for students in grades 3-5 held the second Monday of each month from 3:30-4:30 p.m. starting Jan. 13.

“Being able to meet and interact with authors is an invaluable experience for children,” said Elizabeth Murray, children’s library.  “In the past we would never have been able to bring such a wide variety of authors to Stillwater, but with Skype we can.”

Each session will begin with a recap of the author’s works and biography.  The group will then connect with the author via Skype to have a 15 minute discussion.  Following the chat, the children will engage in a project, game or activity relating to one of the author’s works.

“We encourage, but do not require, each child to read one of the author’s books,” said Murray.  “We are fortunate that the Friends of the Library will be providing ten copies of one book by each author.  Prior to the Skype sessions, children may borrow a copy of the book to read and return it at the program.” 

Authors scheduled for the Skype sessions include:

  • Jan. 13 – Wendy Orr, from Red Hill Australia, author of “Nim’s Island.”
  • Feb. 10 – Kathleen Duey, from Fallbrook, CA, "Hoof Prints: Katie and the Mustang."
  • March 10 – Laurel Snyder, from Atlanta, GA, author of “Any Which Wall.”
  • April 14, Eric Berlin, from Milford, CT, author of “The Puzzling World of Winston Breen.”

Orr, the first author in the series, is also probably the most well-known having written over twenty novels, including “Nim’s Island” which was made into a motion picture starring Abigail Breslin and Jodie Foster.

“I love creating stories because I think it's the best way of exploring the world, living other lives, and finding out the truth about how I think and feel,” said Orr.  “I love reading for the same reason.”

Orr’s books have been published in 25 countries and have won awards including the CBC (Australian) Book of the Year, American Library Association Book for older readers and the Israeli March of Books.

Murray hopes that these virtual face to face meetings with published authors will encourage children to try their own hand at writing.

“Wendy began writing when she was just six years old,” said Murray.  “By the time she was nine, she has written what she considers the first draft of her award winning novel Nim’s Island.  The children attending this series are at just the right age to start their own journey into writing.  We hope this will be a jumping off point for many of them.”

“Here and There with….” is free and open to students in grades 3-5.  Registration is required.  Sign up is available by contacting the library Help Desk at (405) 372-3633 or emailing

For more information, visit the library's website at,

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