Water Interruptions due to Roadwork

Water interruptions usually last less than eight hours in one day. The timeframe category denotes the days we anticipate construction could happen on this project, but is not indicative of the full interruption time.

Pavement Management Program

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Roadwork & Street Closings

road Closed

Timeframe           By             Type of WorkStreet/Intersection

12/05/22- 12/16/22
City of Stillwater Building Maintenance Intersection from 7th Avenue to Stanley Street.
06/15/22- 04/30/23
City of Stillwater Bridge Replacement Husband Street from Boomer Road to Franklin Lane.
07/05/22- 08/01/23
OBC, Inc Bridge Replacement 3rd Avenue from Park Drive to Perkins Road.

lane Closed

Timeframe           By             Type of WorkStreet/Intersection

12/05/22- 12/12/22
City of Stillwater Road Repair 12th Avenue from Adams Street to Jefferson Street.
12/06/22- 12/20/22
City of Stillwater Sidewalk Construction 3rd Avenue from Arrington Drive to Marshall Street.
11/16/22- 01/20/23
City of Stillwater Water Line Replacement 32nd Street from Fouquet Drive to Brush Creek Road.
09/28/22- 03/01/23
OBC, Inc Bridge Construction Perkins Road from Virginia Avenue to 6th Avenue.
11/28/22- 10/01/23
ODOT Road Construction Perkins Road from Hall of Fame Avenue to Mercury Avenue.