RFQ for Hazard Mitigation Plan Review/Update

RFQ for 2019 Stillwater Hazard Mitigation Plan Review/Update

Project Summary

The City of Stillwater is undertaking a selection process to find a well-qualified consultant to review, rewrite and provide an up-to-date hazard mitigation plan.

Goals of the Project

Download RFQ: 2019 Stillwater Hazard Mitigation Plan Review/Update | Request for Qualifications

  • Comprehensive plan update

  • Comprehensive plan maps

  • A plan that meets current State of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM) standards

  • A plan that meets current FEMA standards

  • A plan staff can easily update to remain current with threats and mitigation projects

  • A checklist for updating, adding and reviewing projects

  • A project the State of Oklahoma OEM and FEMA can complete and approve by July 2020

  • A plan that includes the Stillwater Public School system

About the City of Stillwater

Stillwater is located in north central Oklahoma at the intersection of US-177 and State Highway

51. It is the county seat of Payne County. The population is approximately 50,000, making us the tenth largest city in Oklahoma.

Stillwater has many nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement villages. There is a regional medical center with several branch offices providing same-day surgery, dialysis and rehabilitation.

We are home to Oklahoma State University (OSU), which has approximately 25,000 students on campus who live in the community. OSU is the largest employer in Stillwater. Our community supports regional retail chains, commercial chains and privately owned businesses.

Stillwater Public Schools is comprised of elementary schools, a middle school, a junior high school, a high school and Lincoln Academy. Enrollment is approximately 6,500 students.

OSU provides a public transportation system with local routes and out-of-town transportation to other campuses, and provides transportation to those with mobility issues.

Qualifications of Responding Firms

The minimum qualifications outlined below are not intended to be a comprehensive list of the services that might be required. It is encouraged to submit responses that suggest and detail services the City of Stillwater might need or desire, but that are not listed here.

  • Responses must describe abilities and experience related to writing, reviewing and creating a hazard mitigation plan. Responses must contain the steps and processes needed to complete an effective plan and describe what makes a plan acceptable for state and federal approval. Firms that are unable to provide this information may be eliminated from consideration:

  • Describe experience and qualifications related to the following:

    • Technical approach/understanding of comprehensive planning for a city with our community dynamics.

    • Experience and knowledge in developing similar plans by consultant personnel who will be directly involved with the project.

    • Maintain communication on plan development.

    • How best to use the following for soliciting input and keeping the community notified of progress:

      • Webpage use

      • Social media use

      • Online surveys

    • How to involve internal partners, external partners, the community and stakeholders.

    • How to include the Stillwater Public School system in the plan.

    • Create a hazard mitigation plan that staff can update regularly and keep perpetually current.

RFQ Response Schedule

  • RFQ distributed – Feb. 25, 2019

  • Deadline for questions – March 11, 2019

  • Replies to questions – March 15, 2019

  • Responses due – March 22, 2019, 5 p.m. CST

  • Evaluation and interviews with top ranked consultants – April 2019

  • Selection, contract negotiation and authorization by Stillwater City Council – April 2019

Submitting a Response

Submissions are due March 22, 2019, at 5 p.m. via email as an attachment or with a link to a downloadable file. Send submissions to:

Responses are limited to no more than 15 pages and must include:

  • Qualifications

    • Describe the approach and experience relevant to each of the items listed under minimum qualifications.

    • Describe any important services that are recommended but not specifically listed in this RFQ.

  • Staff Experience

    • Provide resumes and experience information on leadership and key staff to be assigned to the project.

  • References

    • Provide contact information for at least three past clients for whom you completed similar work.

    • Provide a list of all clients you completed similar work for over the past three years.

  • Work product examples (Examples are not included in the page limit for the response.)

    • Provide the completed final report document that was submitted to each of the three references along with a brief explanation of the process and approach for each.

    • Note whether the key employees for whom you submitted this work still employed with the company or not.

Selection Process

  • Staff will complete an initial evaluation of the qualifications (see Evaluation Criteria).

  • Top ranked firms may be invited for an in-person interview and presentation.

  • Top-ranked firms may receive a request for a proposal.

  • A company will be selected based on staff’s evaluation. A detailed scope of services, project schedule, fee structure, and contract terms will be negotiated with the selected company.

  • In the event that a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated with the selected company, the City of Stillwater reserves the right to negotiate with any of the other responding firms, modify or cancel the project, or take any other action deemed in the best interests of the City of Stillwater.

  • The Stillwater City Council must authorize a contract before a notice to proceed is issued.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Qualifications – 25%

  • Staff Experience – 35%

  • References – 15%

  • Work Product Examples – 25%


We will answer submitted questions and post answers on the project webpage on the Monday following the week in which the question was received. The deadline for submitting questions is noted in the project schedule section. Submit questions via email to:

Download RFQ: 2019 Stillwater Hazard Mitigation Plan Review/Update | Request for Qualifications