Yard Waste Collection

Disposing of Residential Yard Waste

Yard waste, also called green or vegetative waste, is identified as grass, leaves, sticks, branches, brush and other yard debris. Live Christmas trees are also considered yard waste.

Oct. 30 update: Go to http://stillwater.org/news/view/id/641 to learn about disposal options for storm debris. 

Curbside Yard Waste Pick Up (Inside City Limits Only)

  • Yard waste is collected on the same day as your trash and recycling. Yard waste is not collected on the first collection day of the month (which is reserved for glass recycling) nor on city-observed holidays. 

  • Yard waste is collected by a different vehicle and may run much earlier than your trash/recycling collection, so have yard waste at the curb by 6 a.m.

  • Collection is limited to 10 bags. Bag(s) must be under 35 pounds. 

  • Limbs must be cut to lengths of 4 feet or less and placed in bundles no more than 18 inches across and less than 35 pounds in weight. 

  • Cardboard boxes may not be used to hold yard waste. 

  • Animal waste, dirt, treated wood (like fencing) and similar items are not collected with yard waste. 

  • You may use your trash cart for yard waste, but it will be sent to the landfill and not recycled.

Drop off at the Convenience Collection Center

  • Residential trash customers may drop yard waste at the Convenience Collection Center. Storm debris are not an accepted item.

  • You will need to bring a City of Stillwater utility bill that was issued within the last three months and an I.D. The last name on the I.D. must match the name or address on the bill.

  • You are allowed one truck load of yard waste per day. Also, trailers are not allowed at the Center.

  • Commercial yard waste is not accepted at the Center.

Content last reviewed 07.09.2020