Report Utility Problems

Report Utility Problems

» To report missed trash/recycling service or broken carts

Phone: 405.742.8245

Report & Track. This interactive tool allows you to alert the City of a problem in your neighborhood or around town and follow up on it. Reports submitted during non-office hours will be reviewed and assigned to a city staffer the next business day.

» To report power outages or water/sewer problems

Online: Report Power Outage

24-Hour Utility Assistance: 405.372.3292

Both systems can match your phone number with your home address and immediately begin the process to restore power. You may also request a call back to let you know that the electricity is back on.

For this system to be most effective and customer-friendly, we ask that electric customers call from or know one of the telephone numbers listed on their City of Stillwater electric account or provide the electric meter number.

Content last reviewed 02.04.2021