It Can Wait: Stop Texting & Driving Campaign

It Can Wait: Stop Texting & Driving Campaign

In 2015, the State of Oklahoma and Stillwater City Council implemented new texting and driving laws. Drivers caught texting while driving could receive up to a $200 fine.

Stillwater City Council supports efforts to educate the public on the law change and the dangers associated with texting while driving by providing resources that raise awareness of the 2015 laws.

If you or your organization wishes to partner with the City on this awareness campaign, email or call 405.742.8362.

Video PSA

Infographics (download .pdfs):

Texting and driving infographics

Infographic for stoppimg the habit of texting and driving

Actions authorized by Stillwater City Council:

  • 10.05.15  |  Ordinance No. 3330 (First Reading)  | Approval

  • 10.29.15  |  Ordinance No. 3330 (Second Reading)  | Approval