Stillwater’s Bond Election History

Stillwater’s Bond Election History

Over the Years...

Stillwater has successfully passed general obligation (GO) bonds to fund projects such as the Kaw Lake pipeline and new fire stations.

Stillwater Bond Program 2000 (Passed)

In 2000, voters passed a $14.7 million GO bond to build the Stillwater Police station and remodel the Municipal Building. This was a 20-year bond that will be paid off in 2020.

Stillwater Bond Program 2013 (Failed)

Voters voted down three propositions ($27.5 million of project expenditures) to fund a variety of capital improvement projects, which included recreation, economic development and public safety issues. 

Stillwater Bond Program 2019 (TBD)

Before deciding what to include on the ballot, City Council will evaluate a number of things including public input, planning studies, strategic priorities and operating budgets.