FAQs for Election

FAQs for Election

Where will the money come from to pay for the GO bond?

  • Property taxes. Currently, about three percent of your current property tax goes to the City of Stillwater, and the rest goes to schools, the county, and other government entities. 

Will this fund every infrastructure need in Stillwater?

  • No. It’s impossible to address every need across Stillwater with any single bond program. That’s why resident feedback, planning studies, and other tools are essential for identifying priorities.

How will the proposition(s) be chosen?

  • Before deciding what to include on the ballot, City Council will evaluate many things including public input, planning studies, strategic priorities, and operating budgets.

When will construction begin and end?

  • Construction on some of the projects would start about a year after the election. When it ends would depend on the length of the bond issue.

If there is a new Fire Station 2, will the current one be torn down?

  • The building belongs to OSU, who ultimately decides what happens to it. The station is considered an iconic campus building and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. The university would explore opportunities to renovate and repurpose the building.

When will the City need to build a fifth fire station?

  • Determining when a new station is needed is based on many factors: the number of emergency calls, the types of calls in a given area, and the current and anticipated future growth of the City—both in landmass and population, unit response times and how road infrastructure affects those response times. All of these factors can change based on the community’s growth pattern over time. Instead of adding a fifth station, staff members have studied a possible relocation of Fire Station 2 from 600 W. University to Western Road. Based on current trends, current fire station locations, and the anticipated growth of Stillwater, relocating Fire Station 2 would improve the response times and decrease the distance to current commercial and residential properties. Should Fire Station 2 be relocated, adding a fifth fire station within five years is not anticipated (provided city limits does not increase and the number of emergency calls stays near current levels). A fifth station may not be needed for upwards of ten or more years. The City of Stillwater continuously evaluates these trends and makes adjustments to provide the best service possible.

Why is the transportation improvement bond needed when voters passed a ten-year Transportation Improvement Fund: in 2015?

  • The half-cent sales tax Transportation Transportation Improvement Fund generates enough funding to maintain Stillwater’s streets at their current level. Any additional projects or improvements are not funded, which is why the City has identified transportation improvements as a critical need. As sales tax collection continues to decline, so does the amount generated by this tax.

Why do we need a bond for stormwater/drainage improvements? I pay a stormwater fee every month on my utility bill?

  • The utility fee generates approximately $300,000 per year. This is used for projects that need immediate maintenance or repair.

Content last reviewed 06.19.2020