Animal Welfare Building

A City of Stillwater Critical Need:
Animal Welfare Building

About the Project

Believe it or not, the Karen Kay Mullendore Municipal Animal Complex at 1710 S. Main St. was too small, over-crowded and outdated almost from the day it opened in 1984. Home to both Animal Welfare and the Humane Society of Stillwater, the building was meant to be a small animal shelter, but the needs of the community quickly expanded to include additional animal welfare services. 

Why now?

  • • A 42-square foot lobby serves as the point of both the surrender and adoption of animals. It is also where dirty laundry waits for pick-up. 

  •  Medical supplies and internet cables/electrical wiring are housed in a cramped garage closet with no air conditioning. 

  • 1 restroom (with 1 toilet and 1 shower) for all staff and volunteers at both shelters to share. There is no restroom for visitors. 

  •  Lack of kennel space does not allow for best animal welfare practices including the separation of cats and dogs and well and unwell animals.

Community Benefit of Replacing the Building

As the building ages, its structural integrity continues to degrade and continuous maintenance drives operation costs up. Regular repairs are needed for the leaking roof, open drains and unleveled floors. The HVAC system is creating condensation and rust, and there is exposed electrical wiring. There is inadequate parking and poor traffic flow, which restricts or even discourages volunteers and prospective adopters from visiting. The building is also not ADA compliant and is restricted from expansion due to the adjacent floodplain.

The Animal Welfare/Humane Society building has become a fiscal burden to the City of Stillwater. It makes sense to replace the building now, so that the needs of the community will be met in the best and most resourceful manner possible, while providing outstanding care for Stillwater’s pets and animals. 

Estimated cost: $5 million

Mary Dickey serves as the Animal Welfare director. You may reach her at 405.372.0334 or