Budget Process & Time Line

About the Budget

Why Cities Develop Budgets

The City of Stillwater, like all municipalities, is required by law to develop and publish annual operating and capital budgets. For Stillwater, the City's budget process is closely tied to the Strategic Plan, which is reviewed and updated annually by City Council. The plan serves as a road map to guide our community by outlining key priorities to help us make significant, measurable improvements. 

Council may direct staff to make adjustments to the budget and/or the Strategic Plan to address citizens’ concerns or issues at any time during the year.

» Click here to download the Strategic Plan.

The budget serves many purposes including the following:

  • Provides a flexible working plan for operating the City in the coming year.

  • Converts the City’s long- and short-term plans and policies into services and programs.

  • Establishes the amount of revenue expected to be available, which sets limitations on the number of expenditures that can be supported.

  • Establishes the costs of providing services and programs. 

  • Sets priorities to determine how the resources will be allocated among the services and programs our residents expect and need. 

  • Provides a benchmark to which actual revenues and expenses can be compared. 

  • To comply with the Oklahoma Municipal Budget Act, 11 O.S. 17- 201. 

Budget Process & Time Line

You are a part of this process. We encourage comments and participation from our residents. If you'd like a city staff member to speak at your group or organization, complete the Request a Speaker form.

The budget process and time line are as follows:

  • Year-round: Staff/Council collects continuous feedback from the public.

  • July: New fiscal year begins.

  • July-December: Staff begins work on next year's budget.

  • September-December: City Council holds a study session to discuss the Strategic Plan.

  • January-March: Staff/Council visits local groups and organizations to discuss the budget.

  • February-March: Staff submits draft departmental budgets to City Manager's Office for review.

  • March: City Council holds a study session to discuss next year's budget.

  • April-May: City Council holds a public hearing on the budget. A second hearing may be necessary.

  • June: Presentation of the ordinance to City Council to approve the annual budget.