Water & Wastewater Services

Water & Wastewater Services


Stillwater’s water source is Kaw Lake, which is located approximately 10 miles east of Ponca City in Kay County. Kaw Lake surface water is transported to the City’s treatment facility located at 1022 West Yost Road.

In 2015, the Water Treatment facility supplied more than 2.4 billion gallons of clean drinking water to the Stillwater citizens, five rural water districts, and several mobile home communities in Payne and Noble Counties. We routinely monitor your drinking water for constituents according to federal and state rules and regulations. 

You may find the most recent Water Quality Reports (also called Consumer Confidence Reports) in the Document Center.  


Wastewater Treatment Division is responsible for the proper treatment and disposal of all wastewater discharged. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality mandate the level of treatment and effluent quality to protect the receiving stream. The Wastewater Treatment Division operates and maintains a 10 MGD activated sludge treatment facility. The sludge (biosolids) generated is land applied.

Reporting Water/Sewer Outages or Problems

If you need to report a water/sewer outage or problem, call 24-Hour Utility Assistance at 405.372.3292.  

Don't use Report and Tracksocial media or email to report outages or problems. These platforms are not monitored except during regular office hours.

Learn more about the Water Utilities and Water Utilities Engineering departments and the capital improvement projects that are underway.


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