Extended Parking Request

Extended Parking Request Form

To send by U.S. mail or to drop off at the Municipal Building, use the print version.

(30 days max)

Things to Remember

  1. You must submit this form 3 days prior to the date you wish to begin using your space(s).

  2. You must re-apply after 30 days.

  3. You may not reserve handicapped spaces.

  4. Space(s) are limited to parking only; any restrictions or closures of on-street parking, sidewalk or roadway require a Construction Temporary Street Closure and Traffic Control Plan.

  5. Display application request on or in plain view of vehicle.

  6. If you have any exceptions or special conditions, contact the person below to discuss them.

  7. For directional assistance regarding downtown, contact Angela McLaughlin at (405) 742-8359 or amclaughlin@stillwater.org.

Direct all inquiries to:

Michael Stephenson, Engineering Assistant
Phone: 405.742.8263 / Fax: 405.742.8324 / Email: mstephenson@stillwater.org