Events & Recreation

Events & Recreation

Our department is responsible for organizing the City's Special Eventshelping others host events in public areas and providing recreational opportunities for Stillwater citizens.

We manage and operate the Senior Activity CenterCommunity Center, Armory Recreation Center and the Municipal Pool, and we offer seasonal tennis lessons and the Learn to Swim Program.


  • Jim Scott / Manager

  • Teresa Goodner / Administrative Technician

  • Tiffany Horton / Administrative Technician

  • Barbara Bliss / Recreation Supervisor

  • Danny Gaches / Recreation Supervisor, Senior Activity Center / 405.747.8080

  • Stephanie Kinder / Recreation Supervisor, Community Center / 405.533.8433

Events & Recreation Forms & Applications

Use the Forms webpage to find all events and recreation forms and applications.

Forms include:

  • Activity Registration Form 

  • Application for Motorcycle Permit

  • Application For Noise/Loud Music Ordinance Event

  • Permit Shelter Rental Application

  • Temporary Street Closure & Traffic Control Request for Special Event?

Contact Information

  • Phone: 405.747.8070

  • Office Location: 315 E. 9th Ave. in the Armory Recreation Center


The City of Stillwater is committed to an inclusive approach to recreation. Inclusion refers to a philosophy that goes well beyond nondiscrimination and takes a proactive approach to including all people in all programs and services. To request information or assistance, call 405.747.8070.