Cart Care & Instructions

Curbside Instructions for Trash & Recycle Carts

To receive the best service from city crews, we ask that you follow these instructions for trash and single-stream recycle carts:

  • Park It. Place cart on the street, with the wheels against the curb, or off the roadway on the shoulder if there is no curb.

  • Point It. Point arrow on cart lid toward the center of the road.

  • Space It. Leave at least 5 feet of clearance between each cart, tote or yard waste and from any obstacles, including parked cars, poles, mailboxes.

  • Remove It. Remove cart from the curb once emptied. This will prevent loss or damage to your cart and improve safety for you and your neighbors. Failure to remove cart from the curb may result in a $35 citation.

  • If It Doesn't Close, It Doesn't Go. The lid must be closed completely for collection. Overfilled containers will not be emptied. If you often have more trash than your cart can hold, consider ordering a larger cart, or see our Special Collection Options.

General Information about Your Cart(s)

  • Crews collect residential trash, recycling and glass recycling on all holidays, including Christmas and Thanksgiving weekend. Yard waste is not collected on city-observed holidays nor the first collection day of the month.

  • Each trash cart, recycling (yellow lid) cart and glass-recycling tote has a serial number that is assigned to a specific address. If you move to another residence, the carts and totes stay at the address they are assigned to. You'll receive another cart or tote and at your new address.

  • Use trash bags to help keep the cart clean and reduce blown litter when trash is collected. Consider reducing items to smallest dimension possible (flatten boxes, crush cans, etc.).

  • Carts are constructed from durable materials and can handle normal household waste; however, the following items should never go into your cart: flammable materials, hazardous materials, construction materials, rocks, dirt or furniture items.

  • Don’t mark or alter the cart in any way. If the cart is stolen or damaged, contact us for replacement or repair. Damages resulting from negligence or abuse are the responsibility of the resident.

  • When needed, simply use a mild household cleaner to clean your cart. If your container is in need of repair (broken lid, wheel or body), call 405.742.8245

  • Need a different size trash or recycle cart? Call 405.742.8245 to request a trash cart in your preferred size. Choose from 35-, 64- or 96-gallon carts. Glass totes come in one size.

  • Have more household trash than will fit in your cart? Consider these solutions:

    • Request a larger cart or two 64- or 96-gallon carts. 

    • Request a single-stream recycling cart and/or glass recycling tote. 

    • For occasional extra garbage, consider using 35-gallon Pay-As-You-Throw Bags

Additional fees

  • There is a $2 cleaning fee when you exchange one cart for another. 

  • If your cart has to be replaced, there is a $50 charge.

  • If we missed your cart or tote on collection day, call 405.742.8245There might be a $5 fee for return visits.