24-Hour Utility Assistance

24-Hour Utility Assistance

If you need to report an electric, water or sewer outage or problem, or if you need routine assistance, call 24-Hour Utility Assistance at 405.372.3292.

You can also report and view power outages using our electrical outage map.

Don't use Report and Track, social media or email to report outages or problems. These platforms are not monitored except during regular office hours.

Reporting Electric Outages

If you need to report an electric outage or need routine assistance, call 24-Hour Utility Problem Assistance at 405.372.3292. 

This phone number is answered by an interactive voice response system that can take up to twelve calls at a time. The system is able to use your information to help identify the location of the problem and send information to line crews to restore power.

For Better Service, Know What Phone Numbers are on Your Account

When you call 405.372.3292, the system has the ability to match a landline or cell phone number to the address and immediately begin the process to restore power. You may also request a call back to let you know that the electricity is back on.

For this system to be most effective and customer friendly, we ask that electric customers call from or know one of the telephone numbers listed on their City of Stillwater electric account or provide the electric meter number.

Don't Know the Phone Number(s) on Your Account?

Call Customer Service at 405.742.8245 to verify, change or add cell phone and/or landline telephone numbers to your electric account.

Your Electric and Water Meter Numbers

The electric and water meter numbers are printed on your utility bill or you might find them on the meters at your home.