Chloramine Dosing Stations

Chloramine Dosing Stations

Project Manager

City Engineering / Brandon Neal, P.E.

SUA Project No. 20WT05

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What We're Doing

The City of Stillwater and the Stillwater Utilities Authority are constructing chemical feed and control systems at two pump stations. The purpose is to feed additional chloramine disinfectant to better meet ODEQ requirements in certain parts of the water system. The project includes installation of chemical feed equipment and control systems, as well as connecting the control systems to the utility's computer control network. 

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design): Winter 2021
  • Anticipated Date (Construction): Spring 2021
  • Anticipated Date (Completion): Summer 2021

Benefits of the Project

  • Ensure that ODEQ regulations can be met.
  • Reduce the labor and resources required for flushing.
  • Reduce the amount of treated water used to maintain water quality.
  • Reduce inconvenience to the public due to flushed water on the ground and water pressure changes due to flushing.

Budget & Funding

  • Year Funded: FY2020
  • Funding Source: Water Capital Fund
  • Project Budget: $138,000
  • Expenditures to date: $38,650

Project Management


Nov. 23, 2020: The professional services agreement for design with Carollo Engineers has been executed.

Feb. 26, 2021: Carollo has completed site review, data gathering, and conceptual design. 

Apr. 12, 2021: Carollo is finalizing documents for City and Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) review. 

May 2, 2021: Project was advertised for bid. 

May 26, 2021: Bids opened and currently being reviewed by staff.

July 26, 2021: Bids have been reviewed and are higher than expected. The project has been deferred, and staff will continue to meet ODEQ requirements using current methods. 

Actions Authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA)

  • 03.02.20  | SUA-20-05 |  Professional Services Agreement


Example photo of a chloramine doser.