Residuals Management & Recycle Pump Station

Residuals Management & Recycle Pump Station at Water Treatment Plant

Project Manager

Water Resources / David Barth, P.E.

SUA Project No. 18WT01

What We're Doing

The City of Stillwater and the Stillwater Utilities Authority will be replacing the Recycle Water Pump Station, which is in disrepair. The Recycle Water Pump Station pumps previously treated water, stored in the lagoons, back to the raw water tank.

Part of this project includes an evaluation of the lagoons and developing a Residuals Management Plan.

Project Benefits

The new pump station will allow us to better manage the recycle water process and recycle as much water as allowed by the state. This improvement along with the Residuals Management Plan will help us better manage the lagoon storage and plan for future growth of our system. 

Latest Project Update

February 27, 2018: Carollo Engineers has been selected for the project. The design for the new water line connection is nearly complete, and a request for quotes will be sent to contractors soon. The scope for the residuals management plan, recycle pump station, and lagoon rehabilitation is still being negotiated. 

Project Timeline

October 26, 2017: The project is underway and we are currently in the consultant selection process. 

Actions Authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA)


recycle pump station showing rusted and old pumps