Sludge Beds Improvements

Sludge Beds Improvements

Project Manager

Water Resources / Candy Staring, P.E.

What We're Doing

This project upgrades three of the sludge beds at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Project Benefits

Upgrades include replacement of deteriorated concrete and reversal of the slope of the beds to provide better access to collection equipment. The other sludge beds will remain in service during this project to maintain the plant's capacity.

Latest Project Update

February 3, 2017: Water Resources staff made the decision to combine this project with the Flow Equalization Basin in order to gain efficiencies and reduce the overall cost. The design is complete and the engineer is working to assemble the contract documents for advertisement and bidding.

Project Timeline

May 1, 2016: Design for this project is in progress. The Water Resources Department reviewed the design engineer's drawings and provided comments.


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Design concept for Sludge Beds Maintenance. Pointing to Sludge bed location on overall aerial map of Waste Water Treatment Plant.