New WTP Finished Water Pump Station and Clearwell

New WTP Finished Water Pump Station and Clearwell

Project Manager

Water Utilities Engineering / David Barth, P.E.

SUA Project No. 15WC07

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What We're Doing

The Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Finished Water Pump Station (FWPS) provides all water service, including fire protection, to the entire municipal distribution system and surrounding rural service areas. The existing FWPS was constructed in the early 1980s, is now undersized for projected water demands, is deteriorating due to use and age and is in need of rehabilitation or replacement. The Project Team evaluated replacement pumps versus a new FWPS. Replacing the pumps in-place requires complex phasing and numerous short-term, high-risk outages associated with maintaining continuous service to the distribution system. Additionally, a temporary pumping system was needed, but a system that is compliant with public health and safety regulations is not available. Therefore, a new FWPS was selected and will be constructed south of the existing FWPS. Along with the new FWPS, the existing 1.5 Million Gallon steel clearwell, the original finished water storage tank at the WTP, will be replaced due to age, condition and safety issues. 

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design): March 2019
  • Anticipated Date (Construction): Fall 2021
  • Anticipated Date (Completion): Summer 2023

Benefits of the Project

This project will replace aging and deteriorated infrastructure with new equipment and facilities that will meet current and future demands.

Budget & Funding

  • Year Funded: 2018
  • Funding Source: Loan
  • Project Budget: $18 Million
  • Expenditures to date: $200,000

Project Management


July 1, 2019: City staff completed review of the draft Preliminary Engineering Report and provided comments to the design engineer, CH2M HILL. 

October 1, 2019: The design engineers responded to City staff comments by providing an updated version of the draft Preliminary Engineering Report.

January 30, 2020: The design team continues to resolve conceptual level topics, including fire protection at the WTP. City staff is reviewing CH2M HILL's scope and fee for the design, bidding and construction services phases. 

April 23, 2020: A design amendment to begin preliminary and final design has been finalized.

July 14, 2020: Staff is evaluating the costs of various phasing scenarios associated with existing WTP rehabilitation versus construction of new WTP in the future.

Actions Authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA)

  • 05.07.18  | SUA-18-15 |  Project Authorization


pipes inside the existing pump station at the water treatment plant