FY19 Pavement Management Full-Depth Repair / Edge Drain

FY19 Pavement Management (Full-Depth Repair / Edge Drain)

Project Manager / 19TR01-C

Bill Millis / Deputy Director / City Engineering 

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What We're Doing

Full-Depth Repair: This project is reserved for repairing various spot locations throughout the city where the pavement has failed. Most locations involve the rehabilitation or replacement of streets on a full city block (minimum). However, locations exist throughout the city where the pavement is in fair/good condition, but there is that one spot that has failed.

This project does not, however, get down to the pothole size repairs that are covered by the Public Works. Examples of project examples from the FY18 program include the reconstruction of the intersection at Duck and Miller; the pavement repair on 19th Avenue (west of Sangre); the repair to the pavement and stormwater system on Jardot (south of Virginia.

Edge Drain: The City is adding edge drain to areas that have a constant water source saturating the pavement subgrade and weakening the pavement structure.

Locations: Various locations throughout the City

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design): 5.20.2019

  • Anticipated Date (Construction): 10.15.2019

  • Anticipated Date (Completion): 6.30.2020

Benefits of the Project

Full-depth repairs help to increase the overall rating of a street, prevent deterioration of adjacent section of the street and in the case of edge drains prolongs the life of the street.

Budget & Funding Year

Project Management


  • 05.28.2019 Project is in the design phase.
  • 09.26.2019 Contractors have been selected: Lopp Construction (Stillwater) & North Central Construction (Stillwater). Work is scheduled to begin within the next few weeks.?
  • 10.03.2020 Project completed.

Actions Authorized City Council

  • 04.22.2019: City Council | Approval of FY19/20 Pavement Maintenance Program


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