South Western Road Water Line

South Western Road Water Line

Project Manager 

Water Resources / Eric Fladie

SUA Project No. 12WC05

What We're Doing

The South Western Road Water Line Project connects the 1 Million Gallon 56th Water Tower (near Western and 56th Avenue) to the existing City distribution system at 44th Avenue with 1-1/4 miles of 18-inch water line along Western Road’s west side right-of-way.  This water line will be used for transmission only.  Customer service lines will remain on the existing service mains in this area.


This project will help create a vital piece of water infrastructure for improved distribution in the southwest and rural areas of Stillwater.

This project is the first of two scheduled projects to improve water distribution to the Deer Crossing, Woodland Trails subdivisions and areas in between on Sangre Road. 

Work will require closure of Western Rd between 44th and 56th Avenues from June 13th to August 21st for through traffic. Map indicates paved detour route between 32nd and 68th Avenues to Highway 177 (South Perkins Rd). Cimarron Construction will maintain local access for residences in this area throughout the duration of the closure.



June 6, 2016: On May 2, 2016 the Stillwater Utility Authority Trustees awarded Cimarron Construction Company (OKC) with the project. Work is scheduled to begin by June 24, 2016. 

Construction will begin at the south end of the project at 56th Water Tower and proceed north. Western Road is anticipated to be closed in mid to late June for boring pipe under 56th Avenue and installing under the southbound lane. Watch for the message board signage to detour your route.

August 29, 2016: Work requiring hard closure of Western Road will be completed by Friday, September 2nd. Western will be opened for two-lane traffic with no construction activities during OSU game day weekends. During the closure, three storm water drainage culverts were placed under Western Road, as well as installation of the new 18-inch water line under the southbound lane near 56th Avenue and along the right-of-way up to 44th Avenue. Cimarron Construction is on schedule and will complete the remaining work by October 7th. Until then, Western Road between 44th and 56th Avenues will continue to be closed to through traffic during work hours, generally Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The remaining work includes completion of water line installation within the right-of-way near 44th Avenue, establishing drainage ditching along the shoulder, grassing, and restoration. As throughout the project, passage to residences and emergency vehicles within the construction zone will be provided.

January 25, 2017: Work was completed on the water line in November 2016 by connecting 56th Tower to the existing City system at 44th Avenue and placing Timberline Development on 56th Tower's system. The intersection at 56th Avenue was substantially improved with a larger turning area for better safety at the north-west corner. As part of the restoration work, the road's west side ditch was improved for better drainage. Due to the location of the water line in the ditch line, work included new culverts at residential driveways. Also, in coordination with Payne County, the three large storm culverts crossing under Western Road were successfully installed with patched paving. The County does plan to resurface Western Road starting at 32nd Avenue in the future.

looking north along western road towards 44th ave
(Restored waterline alignment)

A second construction project will continue the waterline along Western Road from 44th to 32nd Avenue, then west along 32nd to Sangre Road. Construction of this next phase is scheduled to begin at the end of 2017. 

(map of next construction project along Western)


Project Area Map (Click map to enlarge)

Project Area map

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Detour Map