Sixth Avenue Transmission Relocation Project

Sixth Avenue Transmission Relocation Project

Project Manager

Kyle Muret, Electric Chief Engineer

What we are doing

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is scheduled to rebuild 6th Avenue from Western Road to Perkins Road in 2025. As part of the 6th Avenue road rebuild project, ODOT has requested that the SUA remove all electric lines that run along 6th Avenue from Western Road to Perkins Road. SUA electric lines to be removed as part of this project are located between Western and Blakely along 6th Avenue.

The following electric infrastructure needs to be moved:

  1. 1.2 miles of 69kV transmission line,
  2. 3,200 feet of 15kV double-circuit distribution line and
  3. 1,200 feet of 15kV distribution line.

To accommodate this request, staff is proposing to reroute the transmission line currently located on Western Road between Virginia Street to 6th Avenue and from Western Road to Walnut Street on 6th Avenue.
The line will be rerouted along a new path from Kinzie Substation to Hospital Substation.

To accommodate the change in the transmission system, an additional terminal at Kinzie Substation will need to be built as well as upgrades two existing terminals at the Hospital Substation. This will provide a place to connect the new line at Kinzie Substation and allow the system to properly manage faults.

  • Anticipated Date (Design): March 2022

  • Anticipated Date (Construction): December 2023

  • Anticipated Date (Completion): November 2024

Benefits of the Project

This project allows the reconstruction of 6th Avenue and improves reliability for electric customers.

Budget & Funding

This project will be funded with  

  • Year Funded: 2020

  • Funding Source: Rate Stabilization Fund

  • Project Budget: $14,840,552

  • Expenditure to date:


  • 4/6/22: Started purchasing of large, long-lead time items.
  • 11/15/21: Started transmission line routing study.
  • 10/4/21: Started work with project engineer, Burns and McDonnell.
  • 3/11/21: Received and evaluated engineers' statements of qualifications.

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