Development Projects

Development Project

The following are major development projects at various stages of the City’s review process or construction phase. 

If you have comments on this webpage or on specific projects, contact Development Services.



1121 W. 4th Ave.

"Sigma Phi Epsilon House"

720 W. 6th Ave.


502 E. 6th Ave.

"Stillwater Milling Company"

148 N. Drury St.

"Stillwater Public Schools"

2307 N. Perkins Rd.

"Aspen Dental"

900 – 1200 W. 12th Ave.

"SMC – South Campus"

2401 N. Perkins Road


317 N. Perkins Road

"Raising Cane's"

4th & Ramsey

New Mixed Use Project

5601 N. Washington St.

"The Ranch"

823 W. University Ave.

"Wesley Foundation"

4399 S. Prescot

"Tradan Heights Estates"

410 S. Hester St.

"Avid Square"

4310 W. 6th Ave.

"Jimmy John's"

315 S. Cstar Blvd.

"Springhill Suites Hotel"

1325 S. Sangre Rd.

"Cornerstone Dental"

Lot 34 & 35

Downtown Development

Other Activity


Commercial Projects