Current Projects

Current Infrastructure & Development Projects

Infrastructure (also known as capital improvement) projects are identified in the City's Community Investment Plan (CIP), which is a long-range investment program designed to meet the needs of our growing community. These needs may include, but is not limited to, mobility infrastructure (streets, trails, sidewalks and the Stillwater Regional Airport), utilities (electric, water and wastewater), municipal facilities buildings and parks.

To learn more about CIP funding, visit the About the Annual Budget in the Financial Center.

Current Infrastructure Projects

Listed in the navigation bar to the left, learn more about projects the City of Stillwater (or its contractors) are performing in support of our City’s infrastructure. 

Interactive Infrastructure Map

This link will take you to the City's Interactive Infrastructure Map, which shows you where projects are taking place and links back to each project's webpage.

Bid Openings RFP /  Vendor Registration

View current bid openings and the vendor registration form

Development Projects

View projects private developers and builders are performing, including residential, commercial, mixed-use and other types of construction.