Budget Information Center

Budget Information Center

The City of Stillwater is required to develop and publish annual operating and capital budgets. Budgets serve many purposes including the following:

  • Provide a flexible working plan for operating the City in the coming year.

  • Convert the City’s long- and short-term plans and policies into services and programs.

  • Establish the amount of revenue expected to be available, which sets limitations on the amount of expenditures that can be supported.

  • Establish the costs of providing services and programs.

  • Set priorities to determine how the resources will be allocated among the services and programs our residents expect and need.

  • Provide a benchmark to which actual revenues and expenses can be compared.

  • To comply with the Oklahoma Municipal Budget Act, 11 O.S. 17- 201.

You are a part of this process. We encourage comments and participation from our residents.