Parks, Trails & Open Spaces

Parks, Trails & Open Spaces

Disc Golf

  • Boomer Lake Park (North Washington & Lakeview Road)

  • Couch Park & Sports Complex (12th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Lake McMurtry (fee required)


Swimming is prohibited in City lakes (Boomer Lake, Sanborn Lake and Whittenburg Lake) with the exception of Lake McMurtry.

General fishing rules applicable to Boomer Lake, Lake McMurtrySanborn Lake and Whittenburg Lake:

  • Water quality information

  • State of Oklahoma fishing license or exemption is required.

  • Limit of two poles per person.

  • Oklahoma Wildlife Department of Conservation bag limits and length limits are enforced.

  • Cast nets are allowed for the taking of personal non-game baitfish.

  • Trotlines, jug lines and limb lines are prohibited.

  • Fishing in a swim area is prohibited.

  • For additional regulations visit the ODCW at

General boating rules applicable to Boomer Lake, Lake McMurtry, Sanborn Lake and Whittenburg Lake:

  • Vessels are prohibited on the City of Stillwater owned portion of Whittenberg Lake.

  • Vessels with gas motors are prohibited from Sanborn Lake.

  • All vessels must comply with state and federal regulations.

  • All vessels must be equipped with the required safety equipment.

  • All vessels must operate with due regard for the safety of other vessels.

  • No vessel may create a wake within 50 yards of a dock, pier or boat ramp.

  • Jetskis or personal watercrafts are prohibited.

  • Water skiing, wake boarding, tubing and other similar type activity are prohibited.

  • Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times.

Vessel registration:

  • All vessels using either an electric or gas motor must be registered through the state of Oklahoma, including vessels with an outboard motor 10 horsepower and over.

  • Kayaks and canoes with a bow and a stern that comes to a point are exempt from registration when not equipped with a gas or electric-powered motor. However, those vessels must be equipped with all safety equipment. 

Parks & Open Spaces

Park restrooms are closed seasonally (usually from Nov. 1 through April 1). Openings and closings of restrooms are weather dependent.

  • Arrington Park (3rd Avenue & Arrington)

  • Arrowhead Park (Arrowhead & Kings)

  • Babcock Park & Sports Complex (19th Avenue & Western Road)

  • Berry Park (Berry & Maple)

  • Boomer Lake Park (North Washington & Lakeview Road). Enjoy its three-mile walk/bike trail.

  • Centennial Plaza (6th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Chris Salmon Plaza (9th Avenue & Main Street)

  • Couch Park & Sports Complex (12th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Hoyt Grove Park (12th Avenue & Alcott Drive)

  • Ingham Park (4th Avenue & Ridge Street)

  • Lake McMurtry

  • Lake Carl Blackwell (Owned and maintained by Oklahoma State University)

  • Myers Park (9th Avenue & Ridge Drive)

  • Sanborn Lake Park & Sports Complex (West Airport Road)

  • Southern Woods Park (12th Avenue & Ramsey Street)

  • Strickland Park & Sports Complex (Main Street & Hall of Fame Avenue)

  • Stillwaggin' Dog Park (801 W. 11th Avenue)

  • Stillwater 500 Motorcycle Park (6500 W. 56th)

  • Sunset Park (8th Avenue & Washington Street)

  • Tower Park (Walnut Street & University Avenue)

  • West Park (5th Avenue & Charles Street)

  • Whittenberg Park & Sports Complex (North of Richmond Road on U.S. 177)

  • Will Rogers Park (Washington Street and Eskridge Drive)

Splash Pads & Swimming Pool (Seasonal)

Sports Center & Complexes

  • Armory Recreation Center (315 E. 9th Ave.)

    • The Armory gym is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Recreation equipment may be checked out from either the Stillwater Area Sports Association office or the Armory Recreation Center office during these hours.

  • Babcock Park & Sports Complex (19th Avenue & Western Road)

  • Couch Park & Sports Complex (12th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Sanborn Lake Park & Sports Complex (West Airport Road)

  • Southern Woods (12th Avenue & Hester)

  • Strickland Park & Sports Complex with Skate/BMX Ramp (Main Street & Hall of Fame Avenue)

  • Whittenberg Park & Sports Complex (North of Richmond Road on U.S. 177)

Walking & Multi-Use Trails

Stillwater is served by a number of paved and unpaved bicycle and walking trails for non-motorized forms of transit.

  • The League of American Bicyclists recognizes the City of Stillwater as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community.

  • The Kameoka Trail Corridor, named in honor of Stillwater's sister city, includes a three-mile loop around Boomer Lake and several disconnected segments throughout the city. Following this general route:

    • Begins north at Park View Estates running along West Boomer Creek toward Airport Road and Boomer Lake Park.

    • Around Boomer Lake and heading south to the Stillwater High School

    • Across McElroy and heads south to Hall of Fame between Main and Perkins

    • Runs southward through Hoyt Grove Park

  • Multi-Use Trails

    • Asphalt trail through Couch Park

    • Dirt nature trail around Sanborn Lake

    • Bike and pedestrian trails at Lake McMurtry

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