Public Safety Plan

Public Safety Plan

Police Support

Depending on the type and size of the event, event organizer(s) may need additional security or the City may require you to provide security. The Stillwater Police Department (SPD) can be hired for safety and security at large events. (Contact the police department to discuss fees for this services.)

If you plan to use another public safety agency for your event, the names and direct contact numbers must be provided to the Special Events Coordinator.

The Special Events Coordinator will work with SPD to provide you recommendations for: 

  • Uniformed officer(s) or other police personnel

  • Locations, route(s) adjustments, traffic planning and implementation

  • Overnight security and any other safety and security issues

  • Volunteers

  • Staging areas

  • Event parking

  • Traffic flow

Fire Support

Depending on the nature of the event, the Special Events Coordinator may contact the Stillwater Fire Department (SFD). Listed below are examples of things that will require Fire Department inspection and approval and may require additional permits:

  • Tents or canopies larger than 225 square feet (15x15)

  • Propane is used for cooking

  • Changes are made to building exits or when the character or use of a facility is altered. 

  • Liquid or gas-fueled vehicle(s) or equipment, for display or competition, inside a tent or building

  • Candles, open flame devices, flammable or combustible liquids or gases

  • Pyrotechnics/special effects/cryogenics

  • Anytime a material, occupancy load or operation is introduced into a tent or building that could possibly pose a hazard

  • Special amusements, such as haunted houses

Content last reviewed 05.12.2020