Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan

Every event differs based on the activities, locations and time of year. This table identifies common risks that can occur at events. 

Severe Weather

Lost and Found


Crowd Control

Medical Emergencies

Structure Collapse


Lost Children/
Vulnerable Adults

Loss of Utilities

Once you have identified risks, the City may require that you establish an emergency plan to address them. The emergency plan needs to address the type of emergency, the planned response, the individuals responsible for implementing the plan and the emergency measures you will incorporate to mitigate the emergency.

City of Stillwater Emergency Management can make suggestions and help you gain a better understanding of the issues associated with these risks.

Not every event will require a plan for each item listed; however, these are simply starting points for the planning process. Plans do not need to be complicated. The easier the plan, the easier it is to follow during a crisis or emergency.

In cases where severe weather or other concerns pose a threat to your event, keep in mind that your event can be canceled upon guidance from the City of Stillwater Emergency Management and other public safety officials. In the case that an event is canceled due to an existing threat, your cooperation with city staff will be needed and appreciated to ensure that all of your event participants stay safe.

Content last reviewed 05.12.2020