Emergency Medical Services Plan

Emergency Medical Services Plan

Event organizer(s) may need—or the City of Stillwater may require—the presence of emergency medical services personnel and resources on-site. Event organizer(s) are responsible for securing and paying the cost of these resources. 

LifeNet provides emergency medical services in Stillwater.

You are asked to consider several things before requesting LifeNet assistance at your special event: 

  • The need for a fully staffed LifeNet ambulance, paramedic and/or EMT presence

  • The type of special equipment that might be needed to specifically address the event participant’s emergencies

  • Event site challenges that might require specialized LifeNet staging

  • Probability of responding in tight spaces, i.e. large crowds 

  • Crowd size that might require more than one LifeNet ambulance

The event organizer is responsible for providing emergency medical services. To contract with LifeNet, call (405) 707-0007.

Content last reviewed 05.12.2020