Westwood Overlay District

Westwood Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District


The purpose of the Westwood Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District is to facilitate preservation of an existing single-family residential neighborhood by establishing limitations and special requirements on property uses within said area that are inconsistent with the underlying zoning and original construction thereof by providing a mechanism for making such inconsistent uses compatible when practicable and further providing for the amortization and elimination of such inconsistent uses when not practicable.

(Sec. 23-275.3)

(Ord. No. 3142, § 1, 7-18-2011)

Notice of Expiration

Westwood Special Overlay District
Special Occupancy Permit
(Updated May 24, 2017) – This is a reminder that per Section 23-275.8 of the Stillwater City Code, all special occupancy permits for five (5) or more unrelated occupants in a single-family residential structure located in the Westwood Special Overlay District will expire on May 31, 2017. After said date, the maximum number of unrelated persons allowed to occupy a single-family structure located within the boundaries of said district shall be reduced to four (4) until the end of the amortization period on May 31, 2022.
The ordinance does not provide for any extension of these deadlines.


Westwood Neighborhood Overlay Map

Westwood Neighborhood Parking Map

City code providing overlay guidelines and restrictions