Stillwater Economic Development Advisory Council

Stillwater Economic Development Advisory Council 

The Stillwater Economic Development Advisory Council (SEDAC) is an advisory group created to help ensure that all economic development (ED) initiatives and programs for the Stillwater community are compatible, coordinated and focused on the common goals.

Established in 2012, SEDAC is committed to efficient and effective use of both public and private sector resources in growing and securing Stillwater’s economic health and vitality.

As an advisory council, SEDAC’s primary function is to assist in the coordination of programs and to provide recommendations as deemed appropriate. It may hear and review presentations of each partner’s short- and long-term economic development plans, as well as provide recommendations or guidance concerning the development and coordination of ED programs, plans and activities. SEDAC will also serve as a resource to all organizations and agencies in Stillwater, pursuing economic growth and stability of the community.

SEDAC is comprised of members from the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma State University, the Stillwater Industrial Foundation and the City of Stillwater. Representation is as follows:

  • Two voting members each from the Stillwater City Council, the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, the Stillwater Industrial Foundation Board of Trustees, and Oklahoma State University.

  • Both the Stillwater City Manager and the Stillwater Chamber President/CEO serve as non-voting members.

SEDAC members will meet on a regular basis to review development activities and programs in the community.