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Stillwater Water Utilities Temporary Free Chlorine Conversion Notice

Released:Feb 06, 2023

STILLWATER, OK — City of Stillwater Water Utilities will begin a temporary free chlorine conversion beginning April 3, 2023. The water treatment plant will stop using chloramines, its usual disinfection method, and switch to free chlorine for 30 days. Customers may notice some changes in odor and taste during the transition.

Chlorine and chloramines are both standard disinfectants used to kill bacteria in drinking water. This temporary switch is a common practice to ensure reliable disinfection and high water quality throughout systems that use chloramines.

The process is 30 days and the facility will resume using chloramines beginning May 3. Additional information will be provided as available, if needed, at

For inquiries, contact Dawn Jones, PIO, Communications Department at (405) 742-8214 or email


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