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Kimberly Carnley Appointed to Serve as Stillwater City Attorney

Released:Jan 31, 2022


(STILLWATER, OK) – This evening, Mayor Joyce and City Councilors unanimously approved to appoint Interim City Attorney Kimberly Carnley to the Stillwater City Attorney position.

The entirety of Ms. Carnley’s legal career has been in government, both state and city. Carnley joined the legal department for the City of Stillwater in July 2016 and was appointed as interim in June 2021, following the resignation of then City Attorney John Dorman.

“We, Council and I, are continuously impressed by Ms. Carnley’s judgement, integrity, attention to detail, and collaborative efforts. She understands the significance of this role, the history and vision of our community, and we believe she will continue in this position admirably,” said Mayor Will Joyce.

Ms. Carnley naturally progressed in the City’s legal department throughout the past six years – from Assistant City Attorney, Interim and now, City Attorney.

Before coming to Stillwater, Carnley served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Oklahoma Attorney General’s (AG) office. Prior to the AG office, she was with the Oklahoma Tax Commission as Assistant General Counsel and Legal Collections Supervisor.

“Ms. Carnley has done a fantastic job serving during the interim, she has exemplified steadfast and proven leadership. I look forward to continue working and serving alongside her,” said Norman McNickle City Manager.

Upon returning from Executive Session, the official motion to appoint was:

“To direct the City’s contract attorney, Beth Anne Childs, to work with Kimberly Carnley, the City Attorney, on an employment contract to be presented to the City Council in February.”

The final contract between Kimberly Carnley and the City of Stillwater is expected to be presented and signed soon.

Photo: Michelle Charles/Stillwater News Press



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