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Community survey results now live: community solar as a renewable energy option

Released:Aug 21, 2020


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / August 21, 2020) – This week, the City of Stillwater surveyed local residents on the possibility of Community Solar, a renewable energy option, using FlashVote, an online surveying tool. City officials were seeking data on willingness to support a community solar option. 

According to the survey, Most respondents indicated that they would be open to a community solar option if it costs less, the same, or 1 to 10 percent more than their usual bill. See the full results on this survey here

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For more data, be sure to use the drop down filters like age, gender and location to interpret the results.

About FlashVote

Stillwater is the first city in Oklahoma to start using FlashVote, a scientific survey service provider. The surveys are five questions or less and take no more than one to two minutes to fill out. The surveys will cover a wide range of topics.

When residents sign up, they get to determine how they want to receive the surveys — whether by email, text or phone call. They will receive a notification whenever there is a new survey, and they will have 48 hours to participate before voting closes. Once the survey is closed, anyone who participated will receive the results and will see how his or her responses compare to the group.

FlashVote works to engage residents by making participation simple and anonymous. While personal information is not shared with the City, it does allow for localized reports.

Residents can sign up quickly via the web at

To sign up by phone, call 775.235.2340 and mention you want to sign up for FlashVote in Stillwater. Residents who choose to participate can also opt out at any time. User information is not shared with other organizations.


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