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Residents encouraged to serve on City’s Strategic Plan key performance indicators task force

Released:Jul 18, 2019


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / July 18, 2019) – The City of Stillwater is asking residents to serve on a task force to review and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) for the annual Strategic Plan.

City Council will review and appoint the members of the task force to serve alongside city staff members. The task force will meet beginning fall 2019 until the task is completed.

To apply, complete the online form at   

Sherry Fletcher, director of marketing and civic engagement, said, “Civic engagement is one of the City's Strategic Plan priorities, so resident involvement is critical to helping the City explain why we do what we do and how successful we are in those efforts.”

Mayor Will Joyce has also asked for a public meeting to discuss key performance indicators in the near future.

The City of Stillwater’s Strategic Plan serves as a road map to guide our community forward. It was inspired by and developed from city documents, budgets, financial plans, strategic planning sessions and input from city staff and with strong leadership and direction from City Council.

The plan establishes broad community priorities coupled with specific performance objectives and outlined strategies that will help us achieve those objectives. We are determined to make significant, measurable improvements in each priority area.

The items listed in the plan are in no way exhaustive; staff continually address new objectives and strategies as needed.

The six priorities in the Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 are:

  • Effective services and accountable government

  • Inspired management

  • Safe community

  • Place and mobility

  • Quality of life

  • Civic engagement

The plan is available for download on the City’s online document center at

For more information, call 405.742.8219 or email


For media inquiries, contact the Department of Marketing and Civic Engagement at 405.742.8219 or email

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