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Information about Service Line Warranties of America water and sewer line warranty letters

Released:Jul 17, 2019


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / July 17, 2019) – Homeowners might receive letters in the mail starting the week of July 22 offering an optional water and/or sewer line warranty program through Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA).

In fall 2011, the Stillwater Utilities Authority trustees approved a partnership with SLWA to offer water and sewer service line warranties. There is no cost to the City of Stillwater or the Stillwater Utilities Authority to participate in the program, nor does the City receive any funds.

The City is not a participant in the coverage program or in any claims. The City only helps make homeowners aware of the program.

We encourage our customers to research before they purchase any type of warranty. We also encourage our customers not to feel pressured to purchase this warranty, or any warranty.

It is also recommended to contact your homeowners’ insurance agent. You may already have this kind of coverage, or you can ask how much it will cost to add water or sewer line coverage, before making a decision.

SLWA states that our customers can purchase the water line warranty or sewer line warranty at any time during the year by calling a permanent toll free number at 866-922-9006.

There might be another toll free number listed on the campaign letter the customer receives. The toll free number listed on the letter could be a temporary number set up to take a large number of calls during the campaign.

If interested, customers will make payment directly to Service Line Warranties of America. More info is available on their website, including terms and conditions, at

More details about SLWA

  • SLWA mails letters to homeowners offering the optional warranty or warranties twice a year (these are referred to as campaigns)

  • SLWA has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

  • SLWA states that they use local contractors

For questions, contact the Water Utilities Engineering department at 405.742.8325.


For media inquiries, contact the Department of Marketing and Civic Engagement at 405.742.8219 or email


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