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OSU students will learn the Cowboy Shuffle this semester

Released:Aug 10, 2018

City will start an exclusive pedestrian phase to traffic signals at University and Monroe

Watch: How To | Cowboy Shuffle at University Avenue & Monroe Street


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / Aug. 10, 2018) – Oklahoma State University students will notice a helpful change when they push the crosswalk buttons at the University and Monroe intersection this semester.

Beginning Aug. 14, the intersection’s traffic signals will switch to an exclusive pedestrian phase where vehicles stop at all approaches to allow pedestrians to cross any leg of the intersection at the same time, even diagonally.

“The goal is to make University and Monroe a more desirable place to cross by allowing them to go in any direction they please at once while protected from vehicles,” said Monty Karns, transportation and stormwater services director.

Vehicles at University and Monroe are also now prohibited from making right turns on red lights. The City added signs to the intersection to alert drivers about this rule.

Nicknamed the Cowboy Shuffle, Stillwater’s first exclusive pedestrian phase mirrors a number of other versions in cities and university towns, most notably Ball State University’s Scramble Light.

Watch: Ball State's Scramble Light Vibrancy

Pedestrians will still push the button on pedestrian signals and wait for a walking sign to light as they do at other controlled intersections.

To help instruct pedestrians, the City will post A-frames with notices about the exclusive pedestrian phase at the four corners of the intersection.

The idea for the Cowboy Shuffle came after the university’s Student Government Association requested the City add more crosswalks along University Avenue.

After researching exclusive pedestrian phases, the City proposed implementing one at the intersection instead of adding more crosswalks to spots lacking traffic signals to protect them.

“We are excited to explore more pedestrian and multi-modal opportunities for our community like the Cowboy Shuffle, and hope this will help students get to class quicker and in a more secure manner,” Karns said.

Transportation and Stormwater Services is responsible for promoting high-quality, safe and efficient transportation infrastructure within the community. The department oversees the design and construction of multi-modal transportation improvements, identifying safety and functional deficiencies in existing transportation systems and designing corrective solutions as budget allows.

The City is responsible for over 440 lane miles of asphalt and concrete pavements, 28 bridges, 65 signalized intersections (which include traffic signals for all approach lanes and turn lanes, hardware for operation and communication between signals), more than 8,000 traffic signs (including stop signs, speed limits, street names and advisory signs), and over 30+ miles of bike facilities (including share the road routes and bike lanes).

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