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SPD: Oklahoma State University and Stillwater Police Conducting Tactical Training in Boone Pickens Stadium March 21-23

Released:Mar 19, 2018


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / March 19, 2018) – Oklahoma State University and Stillwater Police will be conducting tactical training in Boone Pickens Stadium March 21st – 23rd.  Gunfire may be heard coming from the stadium area and we want to inform the public this is only a training exercise.

Oklahoma State University Police, Stillwater Police, and Oklahoma State University Athletics are partnering to host this training.   The three-day course, called Police Response to a Public Venue, allows officers to train in a large venue for various worst case scenarios like an active shooter incident.

We want to reassure the community extreme precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the public during these types of exercises.

OSU is one of only three universities to host this type of training. This training is a result of both departments’ efforts to continuously train officers in order to enhance safety for both the campus community, City of Stillwater and its visitors.

The course will be conducted by Phoenix based TacFlow Academy which specializes in public venue security and threat mitigation. The instructors are full-time SWAT members who teach this course to law enforcement officers around the United States and Canada. TacFlow has conducted these exercises in numerous professional sporting venues for the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL.

Officers from law enforcement agencies around the country will be in attendance to take part in this week’s training and we hope they enjoy their time in Stillwater.


Cpt. Kyle Gibbs


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