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Stillwater Police launches voluntary private security camera registration program

Released:Feb 06, 2018


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / Feb. 6, 2018) – The Stillwater Police Department is asking residents who have residential and commercial security cameras to consider participating in a voluntary private security camera registration program to help solve crimes and protect their neighborhood.
“Having a database of video cameras could assist law enforcement officials with their efforts to identify and capture individuals who might have committed serious offenses,” Capt. Kyle Gibbs said.
To register, the SPD asks for contact information and the number and location of cameras on the exterior of the premises.
When there is a crime reported near a registered security camera, the SPD can then request a copy of the video from its owner.
“Whether an individual or business chooses to participate or provide a copy of video recordings is up to the owner of the system,” Capt. Gibbs said. “We greatly appreciate the assistance from our community members to help us keep Stillwater safe.”
There is no financial cost to join the program and participants can opt-out at any time.
To fill out a registration form, go to

For questions or more information about participating in the program, contact the SPD at 405.372.4171.

For more information, contact the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at 405.742.8219 or email


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