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Statement from Mayor Gina Noble and Stillwater City Council

Released:Jan 31, 2017

Monday, Jan. 30, 2017

Statement from Stillwater City Council

In light of questions from the community about the presidential executive order on immigration, we want Stillwater students and residents to know the order has no effect on the policies or procedures of the City of Stillwater. The presence of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater makes us home to one of the largest per capita foreign national populations in Oklahoma. A hallmark of a good education is exposure to a diversity of thought and culture; citizens of Stillwater are beneficiaries of this diversity in many ways. We want everyone to understand there will be no effect on any of the services offered by the City.  We want our guests and our residents to rest assured they are welcome and an important part of our community.

Signed by Mayor Gina Noble, Vice Mayor Pat Darlington and Councilors Will Joyce, John Wedlake and Alane Zannotti



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