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Stillwater Fire encourages residents to renew, apply for the 2020 Rural Fire Service Contract

Released:Nov 18, 2019


Download the 2020 Rural Fire Service Contract Application 

(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / Nov. 18, 2019) – With the new year coming soon, the Stillwater Fire Department (SFD) encourages residents who live outside corporate city limits to renew or apply for the 2020 Rural Fire Service Contract.

The contract ensures the response fee per fire incident on a contracted property is capped at $2,000. Properties that are not contracted with the fire department have no limit on a maximum charge for emergency response.

“It is conceivable that properties that are not a member of the contract program could see bills that exceed $4,000 to $5,000 for fire service," Fire Chief Tom Bradley said.

The contract fee for renewals and new applicants is $100 and covers the calendar year. There is a one-time notarization of applications for new applicants. All residents renewing their applications must file a new application for 2020, also.

The rates for the contract and fire service have not changed since they were implemented seven years ago.

Participating in the program is not required and is a decision that is strictly up to the property owner. Chief Bradley said he feels residents should take advantage of this opportunity because it ensures contract holders a set range for fire service fees should a fire take place.

He also said that all contract fees are used to help provide services for residents.

“Any money collected is earmarked and used to purchase equipment like tools for rescue and other fire equipment,” Chief Bradley explained.

Chief Bradley said the SFD does not bill for good intent alarms and determines when to require fees based on whether firefighters provide services.

The contract begins on Jan. 1, 2020, and runs through Dec. 31, 2020. SFD offers this contract to property owners who live outside city limits and are within the SFD response area. If you are unsure if your property resides in our response area please contact our office and we can assist in determining which fire department response area the property is within.

Residents can apply for the contract at any time. The $100 fee will not be prorated and will cover that resident’s property for the remainder of 2020. Checks will be made out to The City of Stillwater.

For applications and more information about the Rural Fire Service Contract, contact Stillwater Fire Administration at 405.742.8308 or go to


For more information, contact the Stillwater Fire Department Administration Office at 405.742.8308.

Rural Fire Service

The Stillwater Fire Department provide fire service to all of Payne County and parts of Noble, Pawnee and Lincoln counties with a combined population of approximately 82,000.

The City of Stillwater Rural Fire Service Contract allows property owners or rural residents situated within ten miles from a Stillwater fire station and not within the coverage area of another fire department to apply for contract/application.

We encourage those outside the Stillwater city limits to evaluate your current insurance coverage and consider participating in the Rural Fire Service Program to ensure you are adequately protected in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

The annual fee for the Rural Fire Service Program is $100.

If you have a City of Stillwater Rural Fire Service Contract, the maximum fee you would be charged for an emergency incident is $2,000 per incident. Otherwise, you could be charged actual emergency response costs for Stillwater Fire Department responses to an emergency at your property.

Current history indicates that a small structure fire can quickly exceed $2,000 in cost.

If you would like additional information about the Rural Fire Service Contract and how it could benefit you please contact Stillwater Fire Administration at 405.742.8308.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much?

  • $100 per Calendar Year.

2. Is the $100 prorated

  • No. Contract runs January 1st to December 31st.

3. If I have a contract will I get a reminder for the next year?

  • Yes renewals will be mailed out first of December.

4. If a road or intersection splits my property how many contracts do I need?

  • One. Property is contiguous or adjacent parcel of land held under a common ownership or leasehold.

5. What do I get for my $100?

  • The Fire Dept bill will be capped at $2,000.

6. How do I get signed up?

  • Fill out copy of contract completely. If paying with cash take to City Hall (723 S Lewis). If paying by check, bring it to Fire Dept Admin (1510 S Main). Contract can be printed from the City Of Stillwater Website.

7. Is the contract transferable to successor property owners or lessees?

  • Yes

Any Questions please call (405) 742-8308 Monday through Friday 8-5.


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