Animals & Pets

The City of Stillwater Animal Welfare Division, part of the Stillwater Police Department, is charged with providing immediate response to emergencies concerning animals. Visit it's link for more information concerning lost and found animals, adoptions, and other issues related to pets and animals.


Do I have to get a dog license?
No, Stillwater does not have a licensing program, but we do require that your dog or cat be current on its rabies vaccination which must be done by a licensed veterinarian and wear the tag from the veterinarian.

Does Stillwater have a leash law?
Yes, Animal Welfare enforces a leash law for dogs. Dogs must be under restraint by a fence, chain, or hand-held leash both on and off their owner’s property. This includes city parks and the bed of a pick up trucks. There is not a leash law for cats, but cat owners are responsible for the actions of their pets as defined under a nuisance ordinance.

Where's the dog park?
Located at 801 W. 11th Ave., Stillwaggin' Dog Park is a partnership between Oklahoma State University, the City of Stillwater and Rotary Clubs of Stillwater. The park will be maintained by the university and is a "use at your own risk" facility. (405) 744-5328.

May I take may pets to the community stormshelters?
No, the shelters on the OSU campus are not equipped to handle pets. Visit FEMA's "Caring for Animals," for how to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling an animal emergency supply kit and developing a pet care buddy system, are the same for any emergency.

What if I have lost or found an animal?
If you have lost or found an animal (any kind of animal), call the Animal Welfare office immediately to see if the lost animal is at the shelter, or if someone has reported it lost or found. Finders can either have the animal picked up to be brought to the shelter or leave information with a description of the animal and their phone number. Animal Welfare keeps a board with postings of lost and found animals.

May I adopt a pet from Animal Welfare?
Animal Welfare has many wonderful pets available for adoption, most have been or will be spayed or neutered and have most of their vaccinations. Animal Welfare occasionally has small pets such as ferrets, rabbits or guinea pigs.

What happens to strays picked up by an animal welfare officer?
An animal that is picked up by an officer is held for 96 hours for the owner to claim. During that time, reasonable effort is made to attempt to find an owner. If no owner is found, healthy animals with good temperaments are offered for adoption to the public for about a week. During this week, the animal is advertised on different media and different rescue groups are sought and contacted.

May I turn over my own pet to Animal Welfare?
Yes, any citizen of Stillwater can surrender their pet for adoption. Strong caution is urged that this service be used as a last resort. Although Animal Welfare attempts to find a new home or outlet for available pets in the shelter, the shelter is neither an adoption service nor a pet shop and cannot guarantee that an animal will not be euthanized due to space, health, age, or temperament.

Is Stillwater a no-kill city?
Stillwater is not officially a no-kill city (meaning there has not been an official proclamation, funds or other means made available for this purpose); however, the Animal Welfare shelter has been low euthanasia or no kill for more than ten years by the definition of very few healthy or adoptable animals being euthanized. This does not include the euthanasia of sick, injured, or feral animals.

What if I am bitten by an animal?
Report the bite to Animal Welfare immediately (405) 372-4171 or 911. Animal Welfare will ascertain whether or not the animal is current on its rabies immunizations, if it needs to be quarantined at a veterinarian’s or be tested for rabies by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

What if I see wildlife behaving unusually?
Although the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife does not permit Stillwater Animal Welfare to capture healthy wildlife, animal welfare officers will attempt to apprehend sick or injured wildlife. Sick wildlife that has had contact with humans or pets will be tested for rabies.

Do animal welfare officers receive any training?
Stillwater animal welfare officers attend a two week long animal control academy provided by the Oklahoma Animal Control Association and attend continuing education through OACA, the National Animal Control Association, the Oklahoma Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and other related agencies. Academy training includes many subjects such as criminal investigations (cruelty, dog fighting), report writing, animal handling and care, and disease control in shelters. Officers are also State certified Animal Euthanasia Technicians.

Stillwater is proud that it has had representation on the board of the Oklahoma Animal Control Association for the last eighteen years, and also has provided teachers for the academy from our staff. The shelter director and officers also serve on the board of directors and as members on other city and state animal welfare organizations and rescue related organizations.