Animal Welfare Division

Stillwater Police Department Patch

Welcome to Stillwater Animal Welfare Division of the Stillwater Police Department located at the Karen Kay Mullendore Municipal Animal Complex (1710 S. Main St.) in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Phone number: 405-372-0334
Emergency after hour number: 405-372-4171
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About Us
Our animal shelter is unique in that there are two shelters located in the same complex. The Karen Kay Mullendore Municipal Animal Complex also houses the private organization, the Humane Society of Stillwater, giving Stillwater citizens two places to adopt pets in the same location.

For your convenience, we have an "Animals and Pets" link under the "Residents" tab with a list of frequently asked questions.

Policy and Mission Statement
It is the policy of the Stillwater Police Department, through the Animal Welfare Division, to provide immediate response to emergencies concerning animals within the city limits to attempt apprehension, in a safe, humane manner, any dog, cat or other domestic animal or fowl that has become a nuisance, or is a threat or danger to any citizen in Stillwater. Stillwater animal welfare officers are also charged with the protection of animals from inhumane treatment in our community.

List of Division Functions & Services

  • Take in and shelter stray or unwanted animals and provide care.
  • Adopt unclaimed and surrendered pets to new homes. Animal Welfare accepts other pets besides cats and dogs.
  • Enforce city, state, and federal animal related ordinances and statutes.
  • Attend Animal Control Training/Academy and continuing education.
  • Respond to calls concerning:
    • Dogs at large.
    • Nuisance cats and dogs.
    • Aggressive animals and animal attacks.
    • Animal bites, ensure proper handling and vaccination of biting animals. (rabies control)
    • Sick or injured animals, including wildlife.
  • Welfare checks; ensure proper care/housing, investigate cruelty.
  • Assist other agencies on request: Payne County Sheriff. Department, veterinarians, game ranger, and local humane society.
  • Barking dogs.
  • Loose livestock.
  • Write police reports and maintain records. Attend Court.
  • Record lost/found animals, contact owners.
  • Contact animal rescue groups and coordinate with local animal groups.
  • Maintain shelter buildings and grounds.
  • Officers are licensed Euthanasia Technicians
  • Attend State required training for mid-level practitioners license.
  • Maintain State and Federal licenses.
  • Keep required records as required by State and Federal laws.
  • Remove dead animals from roadways.
  • Inspect pet shops, grooming facilities, and kennels.