Stillwater Fire Stations

The Stillwater Fire Department has four fire stations strategically placed throughout Stillwater. Their placement is intended to reduce the response time from when the 9-1-1 call center receives the call until the first arriving unit reaches the scene of the emergency.

Station #1 Administration Building at 1506 S. Main Street

(405) 742-8308. To report a fire or emergency, call 9-1-1.

Home to the SFD's Administration. It houses the fire chief, fire marshal and the operations and training staff.
station #1 Station #1 (Headquarters) at 1506 S. Main Street

(405) 372-0497

Station #1 was completed in 1966 and has been in continuous operation since then. The master mechanic and maintenance facility are located here.
Station #2  

Station #2 (SFD Campus Fire Station) at 600 W. University Avenue

(405) 372-4767

While owned by Oklahoma State University, Stillwater Fire Department has a one-hundred-year lease on the facility.

Station #3 Station #3 at 416 E. Lakeview Road

(403) 372-1505

Station #3 serves the north side of Stillwater where most of the Stillwater Regional Airport and the majority of Stillwater's industrial and manufacturing facilities. It was completed in 1976.
Station #4 Station #4 (SFD Myers Fire Station) at  4501 W. 19th Avenue

(405) 372-1144

Completed in 1984, the Myers Fire Station is Stillwater's newest fire station. It serves Stillwater's west side, which is primarily a residential district.