Stillwater Public Library Board

DateTime/LocationAgenda Minutes
01/22/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
02/26/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
03/26/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
04/23/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdf-
05/28/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
06/25/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
08/27/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
09/24/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
10/22/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
11/19/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdfpdf
12/17/201312:00 pm (Public Library)pdf-
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The agendas and minutes listed on this web site are provided as a service to our citizens. The official posting of the agendas is located at the Stillwater Municipal Building (723 S. Lewis Street). Official Council minutes are kept in the office of the City Clerk is located at Stillwater Municipal Building.